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靜好。森活-臺灣森林系旅遊特輯 靜好。森活-臺灣森林系旅遊特輯
 農業部林業及自然保育署 , Publication Date:2023/11
NT$180  (ABOUT US$6.00 
The Forestry Bureau will be restructured into the Forestry and Conservation Department in 2023. It will continue to adhere to the development principle of responsible and sustainable tourism, and use  ...

大稻埕鼓亭吹:陳金來家族的音樂事業(附光碟) 大稻埕鼓亭吹:陳金來家族的音樂事業(附光碟)
 臺北市政府文化局 , Publication Date:2023/10
NT$350  (ABOUT US$11.67 
Taipei City's traditional music performing art "Drum Pavilion" originated from the legacy of the Chen Jinlai family in Dadaocheng. It is closely related to ordinary people's life customs, annual festi  ...

一詞一宇宙:瀕危語言的低吟淺唱 一詞一宇宙:瀕危語言的低吟淺唱
 國立臺灣大學 , Publication Date:2023/09
NT$840  (ABOUT US$28.00 
There are currently more than 7,000 languages ​​in the world, but by the next century, more than half of them may have died out, and many languages ​​will disappear without any written records remaini  ...

彰化・前進三百 彰化・前進三百
 彰化縣政府 , Publication Date:2023/08
NT$300  (ABOUT US$10.00 
On the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the founding of Changhua County, "Changhua: Three Hundred Advances" is a record of an era. The title of the book is inspired by the work "Forward!" by Chang  ...

笨港進香:彰化南瑤宮往笨港進香(附光碟) 笨港進香:彰化南瑤宮往笨港進香(附光碟)
 彰化縣文化局 , Publication Date:2023/07
NT$300  (ABOUT US$10.00 
This book mainly tells about the pilgrimage to Bengang from Nanyao Palace in Changhua, which is an important folk cultural asset of the county. According to research by scholar Lin Meimei, Nanyao Pala  ...

李登輝總統僚屬故舊訪談錄(兩冊不分售) 李登輝總統僚屬故舊訪談錄(兩冊不分售)
 國史館 , Publication Date:2023/06
NT$1200  (ABOUT US$40.00 
Former President Lee Teng-hui's life is like a microcosm of Taiwan's modern history. During his nearly thirty-year political career, he made many achievements, especially during his term of office, he  ...

在山的後面,是家:馬遠布農族丹社群的遷徙(精裝) 在山的後面,是家:馬遠布農族丹社群的遷徙(精裝)
 花蓮縣文化局 , Publication Date:2023/05
NT$250  (ABOUT US$8.33 
The Bunun ethnic group (Takivatan) originally lived in the Danda River Basin in the upper reaches of Zhuoshui River in Xinyi Township, Nantou County. After independent migration and the colonial gover  ...

國立臺灣大學圖書館典藏琉歌大觀‧第四卷(精裝) 國立臺灣大學圖書館典藏琉歌大觀‧第四卷(精裝)
 國立臺灣大學 , Publication Date:2023/04
NT$1200  (ABOUT US$40.00 
The National Taiwan University Library has published four volumes of "Ryuuge Taikan" based on the full-text translation, modern Japanese translation and interpretation compiled by the manuscript of "R  ...

《集福延慶》研究 《集福延慶》研究
 國立臺北藝術大學 , Publication Date:2023/03
NT$580  (ABOUT US$19.33 
Most of the traditional Han people in Taiwan have a theory of Feng Shui considerations, but the interpretation of individual cases is often based on random facts and is simply unfounded. "Collecting F  ...

臺灣文學的世界之路 臺灣文學的世界之路
 國立政治大學 , Publication Date:2023/02
NT$320  (ABOUT US$10.67 
This book explores the relationship between Taiwanese literature and world literature, as well as the challenges and countermeasures faced by Taiwanese literature on its way to world literature. No ma  ...

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