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Author 邱博舜   Language Chinese
Publisher 國立臺北藝術大學 Pages 178
Publication Date 2023/03 Binding paperback
ISBN/Barcode 9786267232200 Collection  
Product Dimensions A4  
Book Description
Most of the traditional Han people in Taiwan have a theory of Feng Shui considerations, but the interpretation of individual cases is often based on random facts and is simply unfounded. "Collecting Fortunes in Yanqing" is a survey text of the Feng Shui master who founded the historical building Meihe Villa. It is more than 4,000 words long. Its level of detail is almost the only one seen in similar documents. In addition, the original appearance of the main building of Meihe Villa and the water flow in the surrounding mountains have been roughly maintained. , can be compared on the spot to reflect the connotation of Feng Shui and the scale of the environment. The first part of this book is a sentence-by-sentence interpretation of the text of "Ji Fu Yan Qing". This is a tracing of the classics cited, supplemented by the results of current surveys and comparisons of various maps, and supplemented by illustrations. The second part is "Exploration", which is an extended explanation of the key Feng Shui words, ideas and operations involved in "Ji Fu Yanqing". Yang Junsong in the late Tang Dynasty was an important figure in the history of Feng Shui, and many works in his name had a profound influence on later generations. The feng shui master who founded Meihe Villa came from Dabu, Guangdong. His "Ji Fu Yanqing" is compatible with Luantou, Liqi, Sanhe, and Xuankong, and often quotes Yang's works. It is nothing more than advertising the inheritance of Yang's feng shui for the Fujian and Guangdong ethnic groups. An excellent example of theory and practice.

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