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Author 溫宗翰   Language Chinese
Publisher 彰化縣文化局 Pages 254
Publication Date 2023/07 Binding hardback
ISBN/Barcode 9789860601527 Collection  
Product Dimensions 17cm*22.7cm  
Book Description
This book mainly tells about the pilgrimage to Bengang from Nanyao Palace in Changhua, which is an important folk cultural asset of the county. According to research by scholar Lin Meimei, Nanyao Palace has the largest belief circle in Taiwan, and the Mazu Association's influence extends to Changhua, Taichung, and Nantou. It can be said to be the most influential Mazu belief in central Taiwan. The top ten Mazu groups take turns going to Bengang to perform pilgrimages to Hong Kong. Due to the early formation of the army and the large number of participants, it is known as the No. 1 pilgrimage group in Taiwan. In the course of hundreds of years of development, the cultures of Beiguan and Lion Formation among the pilgrims have spread throughout Taiwan from their foundation in Changhua; among them, Lao Auntie’s Beiguan Group in Lichun Garden has become even more popular. It has been awarded the honor of being designated as an important traditional performing arts group by the country, which shows the depth of Nanyao Palace’s religious culture. Due to Changhua Ma's incomparable efficaciousness, many people followed her to pilgrimage to Bengang in the early days. Believers from all over the country began to jointly organize the "Luan Ban Hui" (or "Yu Qian Hui") to be responsible for the escort of Mazu and the coordination of the pilgrimage affairs. Later, Luan The class meeting gradually became the "Mazu Association", thus creating a huge belief system today. Changhua Nanyao Ma Ben Hong Kong pilgrimage was the largest pilgrimage event in Taiwan during the Qing Dynasty, and the Ma's Association was quite well organized. The festival activities have continued since the Qianlong period. In order to let the public better understand this cultural asset, the Bureau has re-edited the research results completed in the previous period, edited them from the popular point of view, and presented new works in a combination of intellectual and popular ways. In this way, relevant research results can be shared with the society, and at the same time, all walks of life can be promoted to have an in-depth understanding of the county's folk cultural assets.

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