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Author 作者:川上瀧彌(Kawakami Takiya)、譯者:蔡思薇   Language Chinese
Publisher 行政院農業委員會林業試驗所 Pages 600
Publication Date 2020/06 Binding 精裝
ISBN/Barcode 9789865455002 Collection  
Product Dimensions 20*20cm  
Book Description
This is a journey of “back to the future” that transcends time and space, taking you to the South Indian Ocean of 100 years ago by following the steps of natural historians. For botany lover, they can appreciate the botanical knowledge system and make comparison between now and then; for travel fanciers, they can revisit the living style, city landscape, mythologies of the aboriginal people, and local specialties and cuisines during the colonial periods in South East Asia some 100 years ago. For those who are interested in the colonial history of South East Asia, they can look for clues in the passages to trace back. All in all, the book is a masterpiece of great value appealing to all, bringing back those almost forgotten history to life.
Mr. Takiya Kawakami, a botanist and then Deputy Director of Taiwan Museum, was dispatched by the Office of Governor-general of Taiwan in June 1911 to conduct investigation and to collect samples in the South Indian Ocean for one year. He embarked on his journey from Kobe, Japan to Singapore via Shanghai and Hong Kong. From Singapore, he sailed to Siam, Malay Peninsula, Riau Islands and Java, where he proceeded to South Borneo, Celebes, and returned to Java and Singapore through Lombok Islands. He also traveled to British Burma, India, Sri Lanka, and Kuala Lumper before returning to Taiwan in April 1912.
Since it was an official trip, he could visit all major botanic gardens, agricultural plantations and museums, and collected botany in the fields in order to introduce those economic plants to Taiwan. Mr. Kawakami recorded and described in detail about local customs, humanity style, culture and folklores through his personal observation and exchanges with local experts.
While reading, you feel like being led back to South Indian Ocean of the early 20 century and even can vision the resourceful, passionate and scholarly Kawakami talking to plants and resting under the shades. He left not only his own legacy but priceless treasure to Taiwan society.

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