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Images of the Sea-South Penghu Marine National Park

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Images of the Sea-South Penghu Marine National Park

Author 邱明憲,陳軍豪   Language ChineseEnglish對照
Publisher Marine National Park Headquarters Pages 120
Publication Date 2017/11 Binding 2
ISBN/Barcode 9789860535372 Collection  
Product Dimensions 16開  
Book Description
The South Penghu Marine National Park is the ninth national park and the second marine national park in Taiwan. It consists of four major islands: Dongji Yu, Xiji Yu, Dongyuping Yu, and Xiyuping Yu, and nine subsidiary reefs as well as the ocean regions. Around the reefs, where the unique and magnificent basalt landscape is nourished by the intersection of the currents, the species from the north to the south form an abundant and diverse marine ecology which has the potential to promote marine environment education.
To record and share the abundant marine ecological environment of the South Penghu Marine National Park, we invited professional underwater photographers to shoot scenes in the sea as the beginning of a journey of exploration. Through the eyes of these photographers, we can see glittering views of the beautiful coral, and the staggering numbers of fish swimming in circles. The perspective-snapshot views attentively observing the diversity of individual species lead the readers to appreciate the beautiful landscape of the vast ocean and the true colors of nature. They can see the inclusiveness, the diversity and the unique features of the ocean.
Our book takes an underwater perspective, complementing the photography collection of the land of the four islands of Southern Penghu, "Reflecting Impression." By using photography collections of the land and sea together with aesthetic and story-telling descriptions, we lead the readers on a journey to experience the comprehensive style and features of the South Penghu Marine National Park. We hope that this beauty will be everlasting.

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