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The Photographic Journey of a Maverick - HUANG, TSE-HSIU - 82-Year-Young

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The Photographic Journey of a Maverick - HUANG, TSE-HSIU - 82-Year-Young

Author 陳泳任   Language ChineseEnglish對照
Publisher Taipei Fine Arts Museum Pages 256
Publication Date 2011/10 Binding 1
ISBN/Barcode 9789860292947 Collection  
Product Dimensions 22.5*30cm  
Book Description
Sifting through the history of Taiwanese photography, we find among those early pioneers who made lasting contributions to the field not only the celebrated members of the shutter trio Lee Ming-Tiao, Deng Nan-Guang and Chang Tsai, but also the senior generation photographer Huang Tse-Hsiu, who was called a “maverick” by Chang Tsai. Huang held various jobs such as professor and news reporter, and also developed color process printing and color separation technologies. His explorations in the fields of printing and photography were marked by their innovative roles.

Born in 1930, Huang Tse-Hsiu celebrates his eighty-second birthday in 2012, and embarked upon a lifetime of photography when he received a Zeiss Ikonta Six camera at the age of twelve. High points of Huang's art photography career include his first solo exhibition, entitled Longshan Temple, presented at Rosemary Photo Gallery in 1961, and his exhibition with Wu Dongxing entitled Yehliu – Forsaken Paradise in 1962. These two photography exhibitions mark the beginning of thematic photography in Taiwan. The exhibition includes carefully selected photographs from both of these earlier exhibitions, and juxtaposes them with other classic black and white works and more recent color photographs by the artist. This comprehensive presentation of Huang's career spanning the last seventy years is considered a photo document of Taiwanese society, as well as a penetrating look at local scenery and aesthetics.

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